What is Reiki?

Reiki is a generic word in Japan, and is used to describe any type of healing, based on life force energy.

It is the God-consciousness called ‘Rei’ that guides the life force called ‘Ki’ in the practice we call Reiki. Therefore, Reiki can be simply defined as ‘spiritually guided life force energy.’

How does Reiki facilitate healing?

We are alive because life force is flowing through us. Life force flows within the physical body through pathways known as chakras, meridians, nadi’s, energy centers and specific points on the body. It also flows around us in the energy field known as the ‘aura’.

Kathleen’s Healing Arts in Pinetop offers Reiki Sessions for Kids!

Enhance their life force energy! Reiki is a powerful way to keep your kids in balance, creating healthier lifestyle patterns, from the beginning. Experience the calm and peace that Reiki provides for you and your child.

Life force nourishes all the cells and organs of the body, supporting them in all their vital functions. When this flow is disrupted, due to disharmony in the body, mind, or spirit, it causes diminished function of the body as a whole.

Reiki assists by flowing through the affected parts of the body / energy system and re-charging them with positive, nurturing energy. Reiki is offered by the gentle ‘laying on of hands’; and all sessions are done fully clothed. Simple in the approach yet profound in the result, Reiki is an incredible healing journey.

All that is required is an openness to healing.

The best results are achieved by simply allowing Reiki to flow through you. Discover within yourself the magic that unfolds.

Practiced around the world by holistic practitioners, Reiki is now becoming more accepted in traditional medical communities.

Are you ready to just relax...

… letting your child’s body, mind and spirit take a restful journey? Get in touch with Reiki Master ~ Kathleen Armstrong today!