What are Essential Oils?

Simply put, essential oils are the life force of plants; their internal juices. They are to plants what blood is to all living beings. Blood helps to oxygenate, regulate and heal our bodies in times of stress or injury. The same applies to essential oils and the plant source they are derived from.

Essential Oils help to support our body, mind, emotions and spirit in many ways.

They have been used in many cultures and civilizations, medicinally dating back 5,000 years.

The term Aromatherapy came about in the 1920’s, by Dr. Rene Gattefosse – a French chemist. Today, Aromatherapy has become a very well known way of drug-free healing.

Here is an excerpt:

“Drugs and oils work in opposite ways. Drugs toxify. Oils detoxify. Drugs clog and confuse receptor sites. Oils clean receptor sites. Drugs depress the immune system. Oils strengthen the immune system. Antibiotics attack bacteria indiscriminately, killing both the good and the bad. Oils attack only the harmful bacteria, allowing our body’s friendly flora to flourish.” David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A., The Chemistry of Essential Oils, 2005.

I have been using Essential Oils in my personal life, and professional practice since 1994. The amazing benefits that I myself and my clients have received are simply phenomenal!

Here are a few ways to use Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

  • Accelerated healing
  • Mental clarity
  • Peace of mind
  • More joy
  • Less pain
  • Calm spirit
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced motivation

Essential Oils can be received either from a diffuser, in the palm of your hand (for inhalation), or directly applied on the body.

I use essential oils in every session.

I offer Custom Aromatherapy, so that you can experience a personalized aroma made especially for you. I incorporate your intention for the blend, which enhances the benefits that you will receive.

I also teach and share about how to use Young Living Essential Oils in your everyday life.

You may purchase Young Living Essential Oils and custom made blends at Aroma For Life in Pinetop. Just call ahead to place your order, and to be sure that I am available.

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